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basics of dry & wet cupping

Dry cupping creates a vacuum into the cup bringing blood & lymph into a specific area which promotes circulation & healing. It will help break adhesions between the skin & underlying connective tissues allowing for freer movement.

All of our sessions end with wet cupping. This is done with the use of a small surgical blade creating superficial incisions to the cupped area.

We reapply the vacuum to draw out toxins and stagnant blood from the body. The blood then coagulates within the cup with some liquid excess and is then disposed of responsibly as hazardous clinical waste.

One of the most important benefits is the positive effects it has on one's mental health. We don't see ourselves as just hijama/cupping specialists. A huge part of our service is to cater to & promote mental wellbeing. Our packages have been simplified & designed to help you unwind, relax & not have to worry about the small things.


Just had a wonderful wonder brother, really humble and extremely professional hijama (cupping) therapist conduct hijama on me.

I am grateful and to be honest surprised at his level of professionalism, he sat me down went through the whole process before conducting the therapy.

He was extremely well prepared and punctual. He even left a pamphlet of aftercare.

It cost me only £39 unlimited cups and no time limit.

He is a mobile hijama therapist so he would come to your house and conduct the therapy.

@thekuppingclinic you were awesome and thank you so much.


Alhamdullilah after Allah, I feel like the hijama I received from the Kupping Clinic really has helped me mentally especially. In the past 3 months after receiving treatment I've noticed that I'm a lot more positive, and able to have more of a 'can do it' attitude to activities that I set out to do. On top of that, alhamdullilah I feel like I am able to think more clearly with sharper focus at work and studies. I also feel as if I can concentrate for longer periods of time. And lastly, I feel more at peace than I did previously.


I thoroughly enjoyed today's cupping session with Saj! He went the extra mile to make it a pleasant experience and I will definitely look to book again soon, inshaallah.


MashaaAllah tabarakAllah Allah has given Saj given an ability to give quality level of service every time I've gotten hijama done with him. He makes sure you feel comfortable, especially when it's your first time. I really liked how he guided me through the whole process and made me feel like I could tell him if I felt uneasy at any time, and alhamdullilah I didn't. He would take his time with making sure I felt right and in terms of professionalism I haven't, to this point, met anybody better. I've encouraged and asked many brothers to use his services. You definitely get your money's worth using The Kupping Clinic.


This was my first time doing hijama. It was a great experience with The Kupping Clinic alhamdulillah. I’ve been feeling better since the session, especially my right shoulder as I’ve been having problems with it for a while now.



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