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About Us

Who are we?

The Kupping Clinic is a brand new mobile clinic based in the heart of London. We are dedicated to bringing you quality hijama treatments without sacrificing affordability.  

Our unique treatments 

Our treatments have been put together to ensure we are able to give our clients the best treatment plans tailored to their needs. Our packages combine both clinical knowledge and practice with traditional methods known to promote good health.

Tailored treatments can be devised according to the needs and wants of the client. Those that want a general detox or just to do the sunnah points, prices can be found on our website. We ensure optimal hygiene for all our equipment and employees.

We want our clients to be the best that they can be at all times. Therefore, all our treatments include an extensive aftercare service to address any concerns, and advise to the best of our ability.

Our treatments are 100% flexible. We understand every client will have different needs. That’s why we have not set a specific limit on the number of cups per session. Also, our sessions usually aren’t time sensitive unless we have back to back bookings. You are the main focus and our treatments will be tailored to you.

We go above and beyond. All our practitioners have the necessary qualifications to practice hijama, as well as possessing general first aid training and mental health first aid training. Our practitioners regularly take part in seminars and courses dealing with interpersonal and communication skills.

We are serious about your mental health. Our state of mind has a huge affect on our health, both physically and mentally. We understand many people, especially those suffering from new or existing mental health problems, have a hard time talking about what they are going through. Help and advice is always available, and we are happy to assist however we can within our capacity.

We take your privacy seriously. Your privacy is our priority. We ensure any sensitive information you disclose to us is always safe and secure. We do not share or sell client information to any outside organisation or third parties.

How do I book?

Call us: 02071937618 | 07380318665
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Message us on Instagram: @thekuppingclinic
Thank you for choosing The Kupping Clinic and we look forward to seeing you soon.