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A Medical History & Consultation Form must be completed by the patient before treatment. It must be understood, recorded and signed as part of the medical questionnaire.

Hijama, otherwise known as wet cupping, is a traditional means of alternative therapy. It is highly recommended to seek medical advice from your doctor or any other professional or medically licensed healthcare provider. If you are currently undergoing medical treatment of any sort or think you may be suffering from a medical condition, you must consult with your doctor prior to a consultation with a therapist. You should not disregard medical advice or discontinue a medically prescribed treatment due to undergoing Hijama therapy.

All patients are responsible for notifying and discussing their suitability for undergoing Hijama therapy with their licensed medical healthcare provider. Any responsibility post hijama must be assumed by yourself if you do not do so. It is highly recommended that women who are sexually active carry out a pregnancy test prior to attending their consultation. If you are pregnant, you must not undergo Hijama under any circumstances.

Patients who are using prescription medicine must notify the clinic 2 weeks prior to booking their first session.

For further information please contact us on | 02071937618.