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Further Information

Whilst cupping therapy has no major side effects and is a traditional technique that has been used as a remedial cure for several centuries, it is to be understood by all our patients that there are side effects that can occur as a result of undergoing therapy. Individual medical history is a cause of variance therefore you must discuss any concerns with your therapist.

Also, it should be understood and accepted that marks from the superficial incisions, in some circumstances, may last for a timeframe of up to 4 weeks to several months. The marks appear circular in shape and with a bruise-like tone or discolorations where the cups were applied. There may be some discomfort experienced due to methods of cutting as well as one’s individual healing process.

There is a possibility of feeling unwell following the days of being cupped. This is normal and is a result of your body adjusting, resetting and recovering. You will be advised upon other potential side effects such as dizziness, numbing, hyperaemia etc, however will be advised on how to deal with these effects. Please address all concerns with a therapist beforehand.

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