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Terms of Service

Medical information recorded regarding our clients is for informational and therapeutic use only and is strictly confidential.

All clients must consult with their medical doctor if they currently have or developed any contraindication conditions, before we can commence with dry or wet cupping treatment.

The practitioner may combine therapies and tailor make a treatment package for which could include any or all of the treatments: massage, dry or wet cupping commonly known as hijama.

The practitioner will explain the procedures for all of these treatments. There will be usage of a surgical blade and blood work during the wet cupping procedure. Before we can commence treatments on our clients, we are required to gain their permission to: use a small, surgical, incision blade on their body in order to scratch the surface of their skin and draw a small amount of toxic blood according to the practitioners' professional discretion. The results may not be immediate after each therapy.

The practitioner has the right to refuse treatment for the client if the practitioner believes that any of the treatments The Kupping Clinic provide will harm the client due to underlying health complications which the client may or may not show signs off. The practitioner can also refuse to treat the client if the practitioner believes there is a risk of infection or spread of disease from either party.

Clients must agree to be punctual regarding appointment times, give 24 hour notice before a cancellation and pay a full session’s fee if they do not attend their appointment without prior notice.

The Kupping Clinic is a mobile & static hijama clinic. For home visits, it is the client’s responsibility to provide adequate working area for the practitioner to carry out the therapy. It is also the client’s responsibility to provide 240v plug socket close by (electricity is required to carry out a full massaged in preparation for wet and dry cupping) and adequate hand washing station for the practitioner to use. 

It is recommended to undertake the following after each wet cupping treatment. To drink plenty of water (green tea is also a good option). Avoid milk for the next 24 hours. Wet cupping scars usually heal within two to seven days and can sometimes take up to two weeks. To apply olive oil, black-seed oil or antiseptic wipes or sprays. To rest during the first 24 hours of treatment. To keep body warm and avoid exposure to wind, cold, wet and damp conditions. To avoid exercise for 24 hours. To avoid caffeine for 24 hours. To avoid dairy products, processed meat, fish and fish oil for 24 hours. And to avoid hot temperatures, baths, saunas and hot tubs for 24 hours as it may sting.  

Wet cupping should be performed on an empty stomach. This is to prevent pulmonary aspiration. Fasting is recommended at least three hours prior to the treatment. The person undergoing hijama/wet cupping is also encouraged to perform ghusl/shower before the treatment.

For further information please contact us on | 02071937618.